The Society’s publications fall into three main groups.

There is a set of three guides to the locality, broadly based on the pamphlets which were printed and distributed in both villages at the end of 2006.

Home Page

General Guide

Young People


Time Lines

War Memorial

Secondly, there is a number of documents dedicated to  individual buildings. This is a continuing project just being implemented. We are keen to enlist help that we can get with this, so if you live in or have particular knowledge of a house or any other structure likely to be of interest and so far neglected, please contact one of the committee members listed on our ‘Society ‘ page to discuss it.


Where page content is still in preparation, you will find a blue background.
We are particularly keen to get your help to make these papers more informative and better validated.




Finally, there is a group of ad hoc studies or information sources that is genuinely ‘miscellaneous’.